Skincare Routine

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My skin has always been dry and sensitive with some redness and small areas of pigmentation/age spots.

I binned the facial cleansing wipes many years ago when I realised how bad they are for the skin!

I use the multi-award winning Aestheticare AllSkinMed/Heliocare product range.

In the morning, I wash my face with warm water and the gentle cleansing foam and rinse with a warm flannel – feels so good! After patting dry, I apply either the Pigmentation serum or the growth factor firming serum.
Then either the Vitamin C cream or the replenishing cream.
Followed by the Heliocare Pigmentation control SPF50, the eye cream and then apply my make-up.

In the evening I cleanse again and rinse off make up a with warm cloth, the cleanser is gentle enough to use around my eyes.
If you have waterproof mascara on, best to use a specific eye make up remover.
Then I apply 3 times a week the advanced renewal gel with the patented retinospheres or the firming serum followed by the restore cream or the replenishing cream.

This regime is so quick and easy and no excuse to not slot it into your daily self-care!

I am really happy to go through the specific skincare regime I recommend for you, we complete a skin regime card which is easy to check back on, and will review this every 2-3 months.

Please don’t under-estimate the importance of looking after your own skin!
My medical aesthetics treatments are very popular, however, if the ‘canvas’ of the skin is well cared for and properly nourished and protected over the years – your treatment results will be enhanced.

I also have a Dermalux Triwave session when I can – which is very effective for skin health from the cellular rejuvenation and activation. It really does ‘wake-up’ the skin from within!

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