About Maxine Moseley

YES I AM (very much) STILL A NURSE!

I have always wanted to be a nurse, since I was a little girl.
Not sure exactly why, but I needed to make people feel better.

I got accepted and trained at the Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing in Edgbaston. These were the days of moving into the nursing home in the 80’s, wearing nursing hats and uniform dresses – also being very scared of my seniors, particularly if Matron was on her rounds!

Nervous about everything, but as soon as I started on the wards after a few weeks I knew that I had found me, my purpose.

Maxine Moseley Skin Clinics

Started in aesthetic medicine

I proudly qualified in 1992 and began Staff Nurse roles including Ear Nose and Throat Theatres – recovery nurse, Liver Unit and then Intensive Care for many years, becoming a Sister at the age of 34.

I loved caring for the patients and relatives, being part of a large multidisciplinary team, and my nursing colleagues.

Working in the NHS had many challenges and changes, often not for the better, for the staff, I am sorry to say.

After major knee surgery with a long rehabilitation recovery, and problems standing for long shifts, I was asked by a friend with a Beauty business to train in dermal fillers to help her treat some of her clients. I researched it and did my training, and commenced a tentative start in Aesthetic medicine. Back in those days only Nurses, Doctors and Dentists were allowed to carry out these procedures. In the last few years, non-medical practitioners have been allowed to train and practice, as with all professions, there are good and bad experiences, please do choose wisely, as these procedures have potential to cause harm.

Refurbished Skin Clinic in Birmingham

I left the NHS in early 2009 to work as Cosmetic Nurse Specialist at a private hospital, gaining further training in laser treatments, dermal fillers and botulinum toxin. I completed my Independent Nurse Prescriber degree, and left to start my own business in October 2011.

I worked from home, mobile, room rentals, travelled to different clinics, also worked part-time at Transform in Edgbaston. In 2015 I finally set up a permanent clinic room at Becketts Farm Estate in South Birmingham. Recently I have refurbished and opened a four roomed clinic on the ground floor of the same building, which I am delighted about, to offer my patients a beautiful space and further skin health services.

Throughout, I have continued to update my professional portfolio with research projects, multiple advanced training courses, conferences throughout the UK and Europe, journals, books, and webinars. As I believe this career is life-long learning and adapting.

Utilising the best quality, clinically researched products and devices.

Maxine Moseley-Skincare-With-Glass-of-Water

Refurbished Skin Clinic in Birmingham

In the aesthetics medical community, we recently agreed to call our clients – patients, as we are still caring for you as Registered Nurses, many of us Prescribing Nurses, always adhering to our Professional Code of Conduct. We are highly regulated, and many of us are in the BACN – the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, which was set up by Nurses when the Royal College of Nurses in Aesthetic Medicine was discontinued many years ago.

I am part of a proud organisation that has hundreds of nurses, all passionate about offering the highest level of safety and excellence in service and care for our patients.

I have also been a member of the Aesthetics Complications Experts (ACE) Group for many years. This group was developed to help improve patient safety and support medical practitioners in the management of aesthetic complications by providing advice as well as guidelines, workshops, conferences and online education.

I always meet you first to complete a thorough consultation, health questionnaire, discussing your concerns and providing you with the necessary information on treatment options.

You must be fully informed before you and I make a decision on what is best for you. If there are any medical issues or allergies/medications that may mean there could be problems, this will be discussed.

If I feel that I cannot help you, or alternative treatments may be a better option, I have trusted medical colleagues that I can refer you too. For example to a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, a Dermatologist or an Opthalmic (Eye) surgeon. I also must ensure that, psychologically, this will be a benefit for you, and not a detriment.

I am privileged to have hundreds of patients and performed thousands of aesthetic medical procedures. Many of my patients have been with me for years, and travel long distances to me.

I have new patients each week, often from personal recommendations. If you are searching for an highly skilled Nurse Specialist in facial aesthetics that you can trust and feel safe and confident in, I aim to fit the bill!