Dermal Fillers

Refine your look for a healthy and more youthful appearance with Dermal Fillers.

Volumise, shape, contour, smooth lines or enhance a particular feature, such as your lips and cheeks.

Maxine uses non-permanent Dermal fillers made from a substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This polysaccharide is found naturally in skin, eyes and joints. It is essential for keeping the skin hydrated thanks to its ability to bind and retain water molecules.

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Well-hydrated skin is necessary to reinforce the epidermis and its hydrolipidic barrier,

This hydration functions as a shield over the skin, retaining moisture and protecting against bacteria.
However we produce less HA as we age, creating skin that is dry, dull, thinner and with a loss of elasticity and formation of wrinkles.

As we produce, then degrade our own HA every 1-2 days, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers have added ‘cross-linking’ or ingredients to enable longer duration, usually lasting 6-18 months dependent on different factors including area treated, products used, lifestyle and skincare.

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Get the look you desire with dermal fillers

Now with 50 million treatments worldwide and over twenty years in use, the Restylane Range of dermal fillers offer diverse products for a look that’s 100% yours.

Clinical studies have shown that further timed treatments prolong duration. Once you are at the point of satisfaction with your facial appearance from the dermal filler procedure, Maxine will advise a treatment plan to maintain this in future.

This will all be explained at the consultation.

Dermal fillers can ‘plump’, hydrate and soften lines and wrinkles, improve skin quality, stimulate collagen and elastin, add definition and contour, replace lost volume. Also improve facial asymmetry and soften scars.

Maxine uses a range of top-quality, clinically researched and FDA approved dermal fillers to ensure the natural but effective outcome that is still 100% you.

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Popular areas to treat with dermal fillers include:

Maxine prefers a holistic approach.

For example, if a patient is requesting slightly fuller lips, but this affects the facial balance proportions, she may also suggest some subtle projection in the chin.

If a patient is concerned by a larger nose, by adding gentle volume to the mid-face/cheeks and chin, if appropriate, this can be very effective yet natural.

If a patient would like to soften the ‘nose to mouth’ (naso-labial) lines, adding definition and lift to the outer upper cheeks, usually improves and looks more in balance.

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Triangle of Beauty

It’s about the ‘Triangle of Beauty’ – when youthful we have the ‘upside down’ triangle, and as we age it becomes the other way around, with the heaviness at the bottom.

The key is still be unique to you!

Due to facial ageing, skull changes/facial fat compartment thinning and descent/skin loosing firmness – it is common to see gravity changes. By treating the face as a whole in an artistic way, you can look fresh and revitalised.

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"I cannot rate Maxine highly enough. I feel confident and assured by her medical background."