Profhilo® Treatment

Bioremodelling skin laxity

Profhilo® is a unique injectable treatment that transforms your skin. It is a very high strength (64mg) hyaluronic acid that creates bioremodelling of the skin by intensive moisturisation, stimulation of collagen and elastin, down to the fat layer underneath.

Its known as an ‘injectable’ moisturiser for lifted, firmer, plumper, glowing smoother skin, whilst still looking natural and subtle.

Profhilo Before and After

Profhilo® is suitable for all ages

Profhilo® is suitable for all ages and can also improve the appearance of acne scars. Effective for reviving peri/menopausal skin due to the degradation of your own collagen and hydration, that Profhilo® will boost.

Profhilo® is not a dermal filler, if more lift for volume loss is required, these may be recommended. Often a combination of the two can result further in a lifted, fresh facial appearance.

Profhilo® is commonly used in the face and neck, crepey inner/upper arms and to chest and abdomen.

It has made a significant difference to many women.

Profhilo Treatment Box

Profhilo® starts working after just a few days

As Profhilo® is not cross-linked as it needs to spread after injection, it needs to be done four times a year. Initially with two sessions, four weeks apart.

Bio-aesthetic points are marked out, and the Profhilo® is injected in precise amounts to achieve pea sized lumps, which disperse across and down through the skin layers over several hours.

Within a few days you will notice the skin looks plumper and hydrated and feel smoother.

Profhilo Before and After-Arms
Profhilo Before and After - Neck
"Profhilo®is a subtle but effective treatment that really feels like I am helping my skin to look super-fresh and healthy."