A Day in the Life of our Birmingham Skin Clinic

Maxine Moseley Skin Clinics

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Clinic open times vary depending on the evening closure time.

Clinic is usually open Monday – Friday’s and the occasional Saturday.

When I arrive, I get the kettle on for a coffee and put the aromatherapy diffuser on with pure aromatherapy oils as we love a nice smelling clinic atmosphere!

Citrus oils like wild orange, grapefruit and mai chang are uplifting and stress busters so they are clinic favourites. I used to be a qualified aromatherapist years ago, and really value the use of aromatherapy.

When Linda, my receptionist is in on Mondays and Wednesdays, she gets set up on the computer clinic system, checks voicemails, and we talk about the clinic diary for the day. Otherwise I will do the set up.

I have already got all the patient notes and products ready the previous day, its important to be organised to ensure the smooth running of the clinic, I like to be on time with my appointments! 

I did a bit of work today on our marketing, so now we are listed in theskindirectory.com’s Skin Clinics Listings which we hope will help bring in some inbound enquiries for the clinic.

I have to give enough time to have a chat with my patients when we meet, and to check through the digital health questionnaire and consent form that they have completed and returned before they arrive. We also discuss the plan for the treatment and take photographs.

Treatments differ each day, wrinkle relaxing, dermal fillers, Profhilo, Viscoderm Hydroboosters, Restylane Skinboosters, skincare, advanced facials, Dermalux. Its nice for me to have a variety.

I love my role as aesthetic nurse practitioner, the industry has changed and progressed, as it should over the years. My absolute favourite is administering the treatments to achieve a natural, yet effective outcome and getting to know my patients. Each patient is unique, and I relish the combination of the scientific and medical aspect of the procedure, along with my artistic eye.

I must document exactly what I have done for each procedure, and to discuss aftercare, also the review/follow-up appointment is booked in the diary.

I may need to put an order in with my aesthetic pharmacy, via online prescription service, or a delivery due. Also an order for our Skincare range, Allskinmed from Aestheticare as they are popular.

There may be telephone enquiries that I like to deal with directly or liase with Linda. We also send out reminders to patients for their next treatment.

Maria my facial therapist runs the advanced facials clinics on Wednesdays and Fridays, we always have a catch up on the patients booked in and how they are improving, if each treatment or skincare regime requires adjusting. All records are kept on this so we know exactly what the plan is.

Karolina is often in doing semi-permanent make-up and lash extensions, so its always good to have a catch up, and of course get my own lashes topped up every couple of weeks!

We recently had another practitioner join us, Susan Prosser who is an experienced acupuncturist specialising in fertility. Looking forward to helping her settle in, Susan and her clients are loving our clinic environment.

Checking emails, advising on queries, looking at new products/services/devices. Its vital to keep updated and ensure that I attend exhibitions and conferences several times a year. I also read aesthetic journals.

Sometimes I contact respected aesthetic colleagues or they consult with me to discuss patient cases, its important to get other opinions to ensure that I am doing the very best I can.

Stocking up and cleaning daily is essential too.

Writing Blog posts for my website, and social media posts to update customers and promote our available services and treatments. I have an interest in menopause treatment, I trained with Marion Gluck in London a few years ago in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I myself was a patient at Louise Newson Clinic in Stratford upon Avon when I started the menopause three years ago. I am really happy to advise my patients on various treatment options for peri/menopausal symptoms as it can really affect your life and skin health.

Even when the clinic is closed, I do still take bookings and queries, and my patients know if they have any concerns after a procedure that they can call me. Aftercare is all part of the service!

Its the one year anniversary of my clinic expansion and I would safely say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my career. Running a business for the first time after leaving the NHS, then private hospital has had many challenges, but I find it so rewarding and as always, my patients are at the heart of everything I do.

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