Worried about Wrinkles around your Eyes’


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Please treat the delicate skin around the eyes carefully! It is often the first area on the face that shows signs of ageing as it is 10 times thinner than the skin on the whole face.

Common concerns – crinkles, wrinkles underneath and at the sides (crows feet), dark circles, hollowing, pigmentation, loss of elasticity, puffiness. The thin skin can show puffiness/oedema (fluid collection) more, this can also be caused by poor sleep, alcohol, diet.

If one of your parents has dark circles/tear troughs (hollowing), hooded eyes/excessive eyelid skin or eye-bags it is more genetically likely you will too. When I see people rubbing their eyes I want to pull their hands away! Also when removing eye make-up – please be gentle, don’t pull and scrub away, just very gentle sweeping movements. Treat this delicate skin like tissue paper. Use an eye make-up remover that will melt the make up better and be more effective than general facial wipes.

We often use moisturiser and serums on our face but avoid the all important eye cream. Our best selling eye cream available at Maxine Moseley Skin Clinics is the AllskinMed Firming Eye Cream (£50)
It contains growth factors, peptides, soy protein, superoxide dismutase (anti-oxidant). Due to the added soft focus microspheres this provides instant luminosity which ‘bounces’ the light off dark circles and adds a subtle healthy sheen .Apply half a pump under and around the eyes up to the brow bone, patting gently.

Injectable treatments with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are offered at Maxine Moseley Skin Clinics. Viscoderm Hydroboosters are injected in tiny amounts to hydrate and strengthen the skin. This is very beneficial in smoothing all the wrinkles around and underneath the eyes in combination with botulinum toxin treatment.

Tear troughs (hollowing under the eyes) can be hereditary if you already notice these in your teens and twenties. However they can develop as we age, also the fat pads that are in sections all over our face start to flatten and descend downwards.

Careful dermal filler placement underneath the tear trough in the medial cheek pad can refresh this area by acting like a ‘shelf’ supporting the lower eyelid descent down ‘breaking’ across the cheek. Tear trough direct improvement with dermal filler is not a procedure without risks, please go to an experienced medical practitioner.

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