Why have ‘Lip filler’ and what do I expect?

Lip Fillers
Are you thinking about have some lip fillers and wondering what to expect? Find out today about how we can give your lips a boost.

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Lip tissue is different from the skin on the rest of the face, as it has a mucosal membrane with a ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ border.

Due to talking, eating, smoking and ageing – lips can ‘deflate’, wrinkle, loose hydration, the lip border lipstick ‘bleeds. Also vertical lines appear all around the mouth.

Also some clients have naturally got slim or asymmetrical lip shapes which they wish to alter.

Maxine Moseley Skin Clinics provides non-permanent dermal lip fillers, tailored for use in the lip and surrounding area. These products can withstand the constant movement of the lips while still remaining soft and smooth. They can hydrate and improve the lip contour to obtain a beautiful, healthy, natural look.

The lips and mouth area are a central point on the face. Thinning or wrinkled lips can appear quite ageing. By subtle enhancement with dermal fillers, a more shapely, sensual lip can be achieved. Maxine will assess each clients lip and recommend which technique can be utilised to add shape, curve and definition to the lip and surrounding area. Including lifting downturned ‘sad’ mouth corners. The outcome must be subtle, natural and ‘in-keeping’ with each individuals face for overall balance and harmony.

How long does it last and do I need to have regular ‘top-ups’?

One of the great advantages of temporary hyaluronic dermal fillers is that they are long lasting but not permanent. They last from 6-12 months in the lips. The natural breakdown of the product can be affected by the clients lifestyle and skincare. For example smoking and sunbed use may shorten duration.
Clinical studies have shown that ‘top-up’ treatments prolong the effect.

There is a maintenance required if you want to upkeep the look.

However, if you don’t continue it will slowly be naturally broken down by the body and you will go back to how you were before the treatment.

What does a lip enhancement procedure involve?

Firstly you will be seen for a free consultation. This will be with Nurse Director Maxine Moseley. Your facial concerns will be discussed, also other questions about your health, allergies, medications and medical background.

Please be advised, if you suffer from cold sores an appropriate intervention may be required pre/post procedure

You will be given options on what is available and suitable for you. An information leaflet will be given. Any queries will be answered honestly and treatments discussed that are tailored to be right for you. Its completely up to you what you decide and there is no pressure!

We should proceed when we both feel that you have been well informed and all questions answered. This will be at a separate appointment to the consultation. The procedure is 30-60 minutes. A medical questionnaire and consent form is completed. Confidential photographs are taken before and after. A local anaesthetic (numbing) cream is applied.

Before commencing the skin is cleansed with antiseptic. The dermal filler is injected with a fine needle or cannula using a variety of techniques. There is local anaesthetic in the dermal filler to ensure its not a painful procedure. Results are instant, although some swelling may also begin. A gentle massage of the treated area will be provided.

A Dermaseal spray is applied for infection control. Post procedure advice will be given and a follow up appointment booked.

Recovery time/side effects from Lip Fillers

The lips are generally quite sensitive and more likely than other areas to swell (‘get puffy’) and possibly bruise following the treatment, this can last a few days, normally the first 24-48 hours are more swollen and tender. This is due to the amount of blood vessels and capillaries in the lips.

The use of cold compresses, anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories may be recommended to aid in recovery.

The lips may appear more firm, sometimes slightly uneven – this is due to the mild swelling post procedure/usual healing response and will settle over a few days. Due to this certain clients choose not to attend important functions or may take some time off. Maxine recommends the procedure at least two weeks before holidays abroad or a wedding for example.

However you can go back to your normal activities the following day. Other rare side effects include severe bruising, (haematoma) infection, cold sore outbreak and injection blocking a blood vessel.

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